Notes on "Demanding the Impossible" by Peter Marshall
Part One: Anarchism in Theory
Part Two: Forerunners of Anarchism
Part Three: Great Libertarians
Part Five: Anarchism in Action
Part Six: Modern Anarchism
Part Seven: The Legacy of Anarchism
Part Four: Classic Anarchist Thinkers
William Godwin: The Lover of Order
Max Stirner: The Conscious Egoist
Pierre Joseph Proudhon: The Philosopher of Poverty
Michael Bakunin: The Fanatic of Freedom
Peter Kropotkin: The Revolutionary Evolutionist
Elise Reclus: The Geographer of Liberty
Errico Malatesta: The Electrician of Revolution
Leo Tolstoy: The Count of Peace
American Individualists and Communists
Emma Goldman: The Most Dangerous Woman
German Communists
Mohandas Ghandi: The Gentle Revolutionary

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