Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 7 Part 4

Substance as essence

Paragraph 1 Since at the start we distinguished the various marks by which we determine substance, and one of these was thought to be the essence, we must investigate this.
Paragraph 2 Nor yet is the whole of this the essence of a thing;
Paragraph 3 But since there are also compounds answering to the other categories (for there is a substratum for each category, e.g. for quality, quantity, time, place, and motion), we must inquire whether there is a formula of the essence of each of them, i.e. whether to these compounds also there belongs an essence, e.g. 'white man'.
Paragraph 4 But is being-a-cloak an essence at all?
Paragraph 5 Or has 'definition', like 'what a thing is', several meanings?
Paragraph 6 We must no doubt inquire how we should express ourselves on each point, but certainly not more than how the facts actually stand.

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