Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 7

Ζ: Being and Substance

TextParagraph Index
Part 1 Senses of being and the primacy of substance
Part 2 Opinions about what substances there are
Part 3 Four candidates for substance-hood
Part 4 Substance as essence
Part 5 Only substance is definable
Part 6 Each thing and its essence are one and the same
Part 7 Becoming
Part 8 Forms are not self-subsistent substances
Part 9 Nature and artifice, substance and form
Part 10 Definitions and formulae, whole and part, priority and posteriority
Part 11 Formulae, parts, substance and essence
Part 12 Definition and differentiae, genus and species
Part 13 No universal attribute is a substance
Part 14 Ideas (forms) are not substances capable of independent existence.
Part 15 The impossibility of defining individuals
Part 16 Being, unity and the existence of forms
Part 17 What substance should be taken to be

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