Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 7 Part 7


Paragraph 1 Of things that come to be, some come to be by nature, some by art, some spontaneously.
Paragraph 2 Now natural comings to be are the comings to be of those things which come to be by nature;
Paragraph 3 Thus, then, are natural products produced;
Paragraph 4 Of the productions or processes one part is called thinking and the other making, - that which proceeds from the starting-point and the form is thinking, and that which proceeds from the final step of the thinking is making.
Paragraph 5 The active principle then and the starting point for the process of becoming healthy is, if it happens by art, the form in the soul, and if spontaneously, it is that, whatever it is, which starts the making, for the man who makes by art, as in healing the starting-point is perhaps the production of warmth (and this the physician produces by rubbing).
Paragraph 6 As for that out of which as matter they are produced, some things are said, when they have been produced, to be not that but 'thaten';

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