Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 7 Part 9

Nature and artifice, substance and form

Paragraph 1 The question might be raised, why some things are produced spontaneously as well as by art, e.g. health, while others are not, e.g. a house.
Paragraph 2 And it is clear also from what has been said that in a sense every product of art is produced from a thing which shares its name (as natural products are produced), or from a part of itself which shares its name (e.g. the house is produced from a house, qua produced by reason;
Paragraph 3 Therefore, as in syllogisms, substance is the starting-point of everything.
Paragraph 4 Things which are formed by nature are in the same case as these products of art.
Paragraph 5 But not only regarding substance does our argument prove that its form does not come to be, but the argument applies to all the primary classes alike, i.e. quantity, quality, and the other categories.

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