Formal Analyticity

Formal Analyticity is a precise formal counterpart to the informal philosophical idea of analyticity.
The abbreviation "FAn" is used in these pages for Formal Analytic.

Formal Analytic
A sentence is a Formal Analytic sentence if it is expressed in a formal language and its truth value depends only on the meaning of that language.

A Universal FAn Language
A language in which any FAn statement can be expressed.

A FAn Truth
A Formal Analytic statement which is true.

A FAn oracle
A mythical or hypothetical device which for some Universal FAn Language can:
  1. determine for any sentence in that language whether it is true or false
  2. solve arbitrary problems whose solutions are FAn truths
The FAn Oracle Hypothesis
The (counterfactual) hypothesis that we have available to us a device which is a good approximation to a FAn oracle. This hypothesis is devised for use in philosophical "thought experiments" and for other speculative purposes.
The Purposes of FAn terminology.

These terms have been introduced with the following purposes in mind:

To facilitate the exploration of certain philosophical positions or methods, including Philosophical Logicism, Logicist Epistemology.

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