a genre, treading the line between fact and fantasy
an adjective used in factasia to describe some of its peculiar doctrines or methods
factastic future engineering
an approach to future engineering advocated in Factasia
local abbreviation for formal analytic.
FAn oracle
an oracle for FAn conjectures and problems
a doctrine which acts on certain propositions for reasons other than knowledge of or belief in the truth of the proposition, e.g. for pragmatic reasons. See:
a doctrine which accepts sceptical arguments for the unattainability of absolutely certain knowledge but which admits definite affirmative judgements nonetheless. See:
an area of operation or activity
of a relation (in set theory) -
the field of a relation is the set of all elements which relate to, or are related to by, some other element under the relation. The field is the union of the domain (also called the left field) and the range (also called the right field) of the relation.
earliest in time or in some other ordering
first order logic
predicate logic involving quantification only over individuals, not over sets properties or functions (the ordering involved here is the ordering of types of entities in terms of the logical complexity of the entities).
of notations - defined with mathematical precision, machine processable
formal analytic
an analytic truth or falsehood expressed in a formal notation
a philosophy of mathematics mainly associated with the mathematician Hilbert.
the solid ground or base on which a building rests.
a term used in epistemology for theories of knowledge in which our knowledge of the "external" world is founded upon evidence provided by our senses. More generally, for knowledge of a certain kind of fact, the theory that this knowledge is derived from premises (often supposed indubitable) of a special kind.
a right or privilege granted to a person or corporation
  1. not restricted or impeded, not controlled or bound
  2. at no cost
free variable (logic)
a variable which is not bound
of self - develop and exploit one's gifts and character to the full.
Something which determines for each of a number of possible values for arguments (to the function) a specific value which is the result of the function for that argument.
(in set theory)
a many-one relation (which is sometimes called the graph of the function)
(in computing or constructive mathematics)
an expression or rule which shows how the value of a function may be computed, or is otherwise determined by, the value of the argument to the function.
that which is yet to come, what will be
future engineering
the engineering of the future
see also:
factastic future engineering
memetic future engineering
piecemeal engineering
utopian engineering

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