Philosophy and The Global Superbrain
How to Build it
The analytic/synthetic dichotomy is of fundamental importance to the engineering of the global superbrain.

Philosophy of Logic
The formalisation of analyticity depends upon the fact that analytic truths can nearly all be derived within a single coherent logical framework.

Philosophy of Mathematics
That mathematics is analytic and can therefore all be encompassed within the same logical framework is essential to the value of a hyper-rational superbrain.
What is it?
At the core of this vision of the global superbrain is a distributed hyper-rational intelligent artefact.
Horses for Courses
The superbrain applies its intelligence to the bits where correctness is verifiable, artefacts can be trusted, and values are not concerned. People are needed to set the course, determine the objectives, ask the questions, and provide the sense of values determining the ends which logic helps to realise.
Involves the separation of analytic content as all that is FAcTual. It is a development of Hume's position which emphasises the benefits of a narrow conception of truth and a pragmatic attitude toward dealing effectively with our material environment.
How to Exploit it
Effective exploitation requires evolution in our understanding of science and engineering. Political and economic considerations are crucial both to the engineering and the exploitation of the superbrain.
Philosophy of Science
Science may be regarded as a discipline concerned with the construction of mathematical models of aspects of our environment. It is a pluralistic discipline creating multiple models each judged on both aesthetic and pragmatic grounds. These models need not be perfect and need not agree among themselves, they cannot in the eye of a hyper-rational intelligence be regarded as FAcTual, on pain of incoherence.
Philosophy of Engineering
Engineering is a discipline which applies mathematical models developed mainly by science to the pragmatic business of making beneficial changes to our environment. The superbrain helps engineers with the FAcTs, which concern the behaviour of mathematical models of the real world. The engineer uses these FAcTs to make reasonably reliable judgements about real world engineering will work out.
Political Philosophy
Hyper-rational intelligent support plays a vital role in deskilling engineering design and many other human activities which either have mathematical content or can be improved by mathematisation. The economic and political effects of this, alongside other effects of the global network, are profound. The prospect of such a revolution is the primary catalyst for the genesis of the global superbrain.

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