Philosophy and the global superbrain

one particularly disruptive development which may be expected to have a major impact on our future:

Pervasive Global Broadband Digital Computer Networks
seem certain to happen

the global superbrain
is likely to come with them

UP views the global superbrain
as two related but distinct phenomena, each with its own interesting philosophical concerns:

The Global SuperBrain

Digitally Enhanced
Social Networks

Artificial Intelligence
The Holistic Superbrain The Analytic Superbrain
philosophy as social engineering philosophy as knowledge engineering
This dimension concerns how the information superhighway, the mass medium and economic and social marketplace of the future, enables the transformation of our global community.

Factastic Epistemology contributes to the factastic future engineering method, as an approach to this kind of social engineering.

Beyond this the main philosophical concerns are:

Economics Ethics and Politics

- yet to be addressed.

This dimension centers around the engineering of artificial intelligence into the network, making it into a powerful intellectual problem solving resource to help us all in our work, education and leisure.

epistemology is a central concern and leads us to our logicist epistemology, intended to separate out those kinds of knowledge which can earliest and most reliably be mechanised.

From epistemology we pass through

Logic Math and Science
considering how
Artificial Intelligence
can be applied
to real world

by these means
makes the connection
between fundamental problems at the core of analytic philosophy, e.g. the tenability, nature and value of the analytic/synthetic dichotomy, and important practical problems driven by primary ethical and humanitarian concerns.

Ethics Politics Engineering Science Math Logic epistemology
It is through the attempt to sew together a coherent philosophical account making the connection that Factasia hopes to present a grand Philosophical System.
This could take some time, do not adjust your set.

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