I plan to become a writer

First think of writing books, that's roughly the kind of writing I want to do.
Then we slide toward the 21st century, in terms of media and style.

hypermedia on WWW and CDROM
Hypermedia are my preferred media, so it has to be electronic publication. I have in mind material designed to be delivered both over WWW and on CD.
continuous pre-publication
I doubt that I'll ever finish anything. WWW is the medium for pre-publication of never-ending works.
Mush these together. The book of the future has a lot of Java in it.
Mush all these together. Make research and development into a game.
original sources
Make it easy to learn from original sources. Support targetted reference, guerilla consultation. Separate out interpretation.
Cut out the waffle and wind up the pace. Get readers straight to the material that interests them.

a new genre

Factastic works that lead from the past through the present to the future.

.. and the content?

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