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Evolution FAQs - from talk.origins
WWW Virtual Library - WWW Virtual Library - Evolution (Biosciences)
WWW Virtual Library - WWW Virtual Library - Complex Systems
Evolution's Arrow - online book by John Stewart taking a positive view of the evolution of cooperation
The World of Richard Dawkins - John Catalano's unofficial Dawkin's website.
Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution - (619Kb) - Peter Kropotkin's alternative view of evolution emphasising cooperation rather than competition.
The Lucifer Principle - Howard Bloom's Scientific Expedition Into The Forces of History.
Evolution: Theory and History -
Speciation FAQ - by Joseph Boxom for the newgroup talk.origins.

Great Men and their Environment - a lecture by Henry James. "A remarkable parallel, which I think has never been noticed, obtains between the facts of social evolution on the one hand, and of zoölogical evolution as expounded by Mr. Darwin on the other." An early precursor of memetic thought.
Principia Cybernetica Memetics - at Principia Cybernetica. Cultural evolution can be modelled through principles of variation and selection very similar to Darwinism.
Meme Central - Richard Brodie's meme site including a FAQ and exerpts from his book Virus of the Mind.
A Memetic Lexicon - by Glen Grant, memeticist. Also at Principia Cybernetica.
Strolling Through the Memetic Mine Field - by Leon Felkins. Some of the common memes we live with.
SimBioSys: A Class Framework for Biological Simulations - a doctoral thesis by David McFadzean, including a survey of genetic algorithms and evolutionary simulation.
A Memetic Framework for the Analysis of Policy Formation - an attempt to interpret policy formation in terms of memetics.
Puntuated Strategic Equilibrium and the Leadership Challenge of University 2000 -

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