Scientists develop models rather than divining truth, they provide services to engineering rather than a priesthood, and they clarify and formalise they models they build.
model not truth
Science becomes concerned primarily with constructing and experimentally evaluating mathematical models of aspects of the real world, rather than with discovering "the truth". Models are evaluated in relation to engineering applications, there can be many alternatives for different purposes, and the value of scientific research is related to the engineering utility of the models which it develops.
servant not priest
Science is a service to engineering, providing the necessary models of physical systems for use in engineering design. It ceases to be regarded as having a higher status than engineering, and it is expected that its results are intelligible to numerate non-scientists and intelligent computers.
clarify and formalise
The major focus of scientific research shifts from discovering fundentally new scientific laws to organising and presenting existing scientific knowledge in better ways. In particular, scientific laws are translated into well structured formally defined mathematical models, suitable for use by logic based artificial intelligence, both in analysing the performance of designs whose behaviour is predictable using the models and in automating an increasing proportion of the design process.


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