The Factasia Value System

The Factasia Value system is an evolving position statement on values. It encompasses both ethical values (values which we are inclined to press on others) and other values (ones on which we are quite happy for others to differ), with a pretty fuzzy line between the two.

Some values are considered to be more fundamental or important than others, but the value system is pluralistic rather than reductive (i.e. we don't attempt to reduce all values to fundamental values, as, for example, utilitarians do when they identify the good with those things which lead to the greatest aggregate of happiness in the world.)

Ethical Anarchism
The most fundamental part of the Factasia Value System is Ethical Anarchism, a generalisation of the political doctrine of anarchism to encompass ethics and a personal philosophy.
Stand and be Counted
One of the most fundamental ethical obligations which the Factasia Value System imposes is the obligation on each individual to consider his position and to declare what values he holds, particularly in relation to ethical values. This can be done either by selecting one of the many value systems which come ready made, e.g. those which are associated with the many religions, or (better) by devising and enunciating a value system (possibly re-using parts of other systems) such as this Factasia Value System.

Hunger, Human Rights, and Environment
Its pretty important that all the people of the world have adequate food and shelter, and do not have their human rights violated. Its also important to us all that the earth which is our home is properly looked after. Maybe this should go without saying, but the stand and be counted maxim says I can't do that.

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