Factasy Seminal - 1997/03/16

The Theme Park
The Factasia Theme Park, which I started last week, turned out harder than I had expected. I've probably done enough for now, but I decided to structure it into three theme clusters which has exposed rather conspicuously an imbalance in the site content (relative to what I really need to have).

Reflection and Methods
I'm going to have to sort out the Reflexion page and then do some work on methods before I can really get moving on the business model.
I've made small steps in this area, which is part of the prelude to the business model, since the business will be a Web Writing business.

The Business Model
Still waiting to get through the preliminaries before I can get started on this.

I decided that the main theme in this will be about how the business model is developed. The development of the business model is underpinned by writing about the methods used to develop the model and the business model development theme provides a case study for the application of the methods.

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