The Factasia Theme Park

This page is your thematic guide to Factasia. I intend there to be many themes. They are presented here as three major theme-clusters in an organisation similar to that of the factasia bridge architecture.
OK, its seriously lopsided. I will fix it. Also, eventually, I will make it more like What is factasia? says its intended to be!

Intuition & Emotion
Empathy, Bonding, Trust, Faith.
Understanding Understanding.
Natural Languages.
Breadth & Synthesis
Any theme which doesn't fit into one of the polar clusters belongs here.

That could be because it connects the two clusters (e.g. intuition and logic, head and heart), or because it is oblivious to them (e.g. reflexion, fantasy, magic).

Precision & Logic
Logic is applicable wherever there is rational discourse. It is the basis of mathematics, which itself pervades science, engineering, commerce and everyday life. Information technology, that all pervasive shaper of our future, is at bottom just logic. When we consider the importance, scope, role and limits of logical technologies we are considering topics which not only have their own narrow slot in the subject hierarchy, but spread their tentacles in to all other areas.

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