Factasy Seminal - 1997/06/01

Now down to monthly uploads while I sort out some philosophical fundamentals. I went on holiday to Dorset, without a computer, and apart from holiday things (which were dampened a bit by chosing the one week within months when it not only rained but snowed) could only read and think. This enabled me at last to begin to engage 20th Century philosophy (I was reading [Coffa91] and [Hylton92]) and I shifted more definitely in the direction of analytic philosophy, the more exotic aspects of Factasia fading into the background. When I got back I had a bit of a problem getting back into writing, partly because there was too much change of direction going on in my head, and it is only now, two weeks after I got back, that I have started writing again. So there isn't much new. I have now really gone totally off the rails of my "strategy" and will have to throw it away and start again.
What is Logic?
This is the alternative "What is Logic?" page for philosophers. When its finished I can make the What is Logic? page for the logicians less philosophical. Its supposed to have lots of bits hanging off it, but most of them aren't there yet. This is where I come up with the account of logic which underpins all the logicism (and the FAn oracle stuff).
The Fundamental Triple-dichotomy
This is the real starting point, needed to underpin the philosophical "What is Logic?" page. Hanging off here there will be my (insultingly brief, not that they will notice) answer to Quine and Kripke.

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