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Debra Cameron
GNU Emacs  
[Cameron91] Learning GNU Emacs; with Bill Rosenblatt & Eric Raymond, second edition, 1996. A Nutshell Handbook. O'Reilly & Associates purchase from amazon

Luca Cardelli
Programming languages, theory, semantics, type systems, implementation, esp. functional and object oriented. Global and mobile computing. Home Page
[CardelliTDP] On understanding Types, Data Abstraction and Polymorphism; with Peter Wegner. In Computing Surveys, don't know when.  
Rudolf Carnap

Philosophy. A leading member of the Vienna Circle and proponent of logical positivism. Factasia on Carnap quote Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy - C books by Rudolf Carnap
[Carnap28] Der Logische Aufbau der Welt Felix Meiner Verlag, Leipzig.
Also translated as The Logical Structure of the World; Pseudoproblems in Philosophy, University of California Press, 1967
[Carnap29] Abriss der Logistik, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Relationstheorie und ihrer Anwendungen, Springer 1929.  
[Carnap31] The Logicist Foundations of Mathematics, English translation in [Benacerraf83].  
[Carnap32] The Unity of Science, translation of Die physikalische Sprache als Universalsprache der Wissenschaft (1932), Kegan Paul 1934 purchase from amazon
[Carnap34] Logische Syntax der Sprache, 1934.
Translated into English as [Carnap37], 1937.

[Carnap35] Philosophy and Logical Syntax, Thoemmes Press 1996. purchase from amazon notes
[Carnap37] The Logical Syntax of Language, translation by Amethe Smeaton of [Carnap34] (with some additional material), London, Kegan Paul Trench, Trubner & Co., 1937. notes
[Carnap39] Foundations of Logic and Mathematics, International Encyclopaedia of Unified Science, vol. I, no. 3, University of Chicago Press, 1939. purchase from amazonO
[Carnap42] Introduction to Semantics, Harvard University Press, 1942.
The first of a series of small books under the common title Studies in Semantics. Others in this series were [Carnap43] and [Carnap47].
[Carnap43] Formalisation of Logic, Harvard University Press, 1943.
Volume 2 of his Studies in Semantics.

[Carnap47] Meaning and Necessity - a Study in Semantics and Modal Logic, University of Chicago Press, 1947. Volume 3 of his Studies in Semantics. purchase from amazon Contents listing
[Carnap50] Empiricism, Semantics and Ontology - Revue Intern de Phil. 4 1950, also in second edition of [Carnap47]. Online Text Notes
[Carnap54] Introduction to Symbolic Logic and Its Applications, translation by Meyer and Wilkinson of Einführung in die symbolische Logik (1954), Dover 1958 purchase from amazon
[Carnap58] An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science, an approved transcription of Carnap's celebrated lectures at the U. of California (L.A.) in 1958. edited by Martin Gardner purchase from amazon
[Carnap63] The Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap, Library of Living Philosophers, Vol.11, Ed. Paul Schilpp; Open Court Publishing purchase from amazonO notes
[Carnap90] Dear Carnap, Dear Van - the Quine-Carnap correspondence and Related Work, University of California Press purchase from amazon notes

Gregory Chaitin
Theory of computation. Home Page

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Biologist, palaeontologist and Jesuit father. Coined the term "noosphere". Google Search
[Chardin55] The Phenomenon of Man HarperCollins, 1980 purchase from amazon

Alexander Chislenko
Futurist. Semantic webs. Home Page
  Great Thinkers and Visionaries Online Resource

Frederick Chopin
Composer and pianist. Chopin on CD at Amazon
[Chopin10] 12 Etudes Op.10, composed between 1829 and 1831, student's edition by Alfred Cortot (1914), published by Édition Salabert, 22, Rue Chauchat, Paris.  
[Chopin25] 12 Etudes Op.25, composed between 1830 and 1834, student's edition by Alfred Cortot (1914), published by Édition Salabert, 22, Rue Chauchat, Paris.  
[Chopin10b] Etudes, published by Koneman, February 1998. purchase from amazon
Chopin on CD at Amazon The Complete Works, performed by Vladimir Ashkenazy, 13 CD set, Decca. Purchase CDs from Amazon

Timothy Y. Chow
Mathematics, set theory. Home Page
  forcing for dummies Online paper

Andrew Chrucky
Philosopher Home Page
  Digital Text International Online Resource

Alonzo Church
Logic. The decision problem. The lambda calculus. The simple theory of types.
[Church35] An unsolvable problem of elementary number theory
Presented to the American Mathematical Society, April 19, 1935
[Church40] A Formulation of the Simple Theory of Types, Journal of Symbolic Logic, 1940  
[Church51] The Need for Abstract Entities, American Academy of Arts and Sciences Proceedings 80 (1951): pp. 100-113. Online Text

Winston Spencer Churchillbooks by Winston Churchill

[Churchill48] Churchill, Winston S.;
The Second World War; in six volumes, first published by Cassell 1948; paperback edition published by Penguin 1985;
Volume 1 - The Gathering Storm purchase from amazonO
[Churchill56] Churchill, Winston S.;
A History of the English Speaking Peoples; in four volumes, first published by Cassell 1956; paperback edition 1991;
Volume 1 - The Birth of Britain
Volume 2 - The New World
Volume 3 - The Age of Revolution
Volume 4 - The Great Democracies
CHURCHILL (essays on) edited by Robert Blake and Wm. Roger Louis; Oxford University Press 1993; purchase from amazon

James Clark
SGML, XML, XSL ... Standards development and OpenSource software. Home Page

J. Alberto Coffa

[Coffa91] Coffa, Alberto J.;
The Semantic Tradition From Kant to Carnap: To the Vienna Station; Cambridge University Press 1991; purchase from amazon notes Publisher's Online Abstract

Dan Connolly
XML activity lead at W3C. Home Page
  Specifying Web Architecture with Larch Online Resource

Peter J. Conradi
Literary critic; biographer of Iris Murdoch.  
[Conradi2001] Iris - The life of Iris Murdoch, Norton paperback 2002 purchase from amazon notes

John Corcoran
Logic (History of Logic, Mathematical Logic, Philosophy of Logic); Philosophy of Mathematics; Semantics; Philosophy of Linguistics; Metaphysics; Epistemology. Home Page

J.N. Crossley

[Crossley72] Crossley, J.N., Ash, C.J., Brickhill, C.J., Stillwell, J.C., Williams, N.H.;
What is Mathematical Logic?; Oxford University Press 1972; purchase from amazon

Haskell B. Curry

[Curry58] Curry, Haskell B., Feys, Robert;
Combinatory Logic, Volume I; North Holland 1958;
[Curry72] Curry, Haskell B., Hindley, J.Roger, Seldin, Jonathan P.;
Combinatory Logic, Volume II; North Holland 1972; ISBN 0 7204 2208 6

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