Utopian Fantasy

When I first put down some thoughts about Stream of Consciousness I had no idea of writing fiction.

Recently however, the idea has not seemed so absurd. And I noticed that the stream of consciousness page was getting some hits even though it isn't overtly linked. I know Scooter hoovered it up, and he must have been putting people onto me, they are probably all dissapointed to discover that Alta Vista has sent them on a wild goose chase.

Anyway. While the idea of me writing anything much like a novel hasn't become much more credible, fantasy is another matter. Fantasy I am into. The fact that I much prefer thinking my own thoughts to reading others makes any writing of a scholary nature hard. To be scholarly, you have to read up more than anyone else so you can give the definitive account on some topic.

Still, I am a dreamer. I do spend all this time engaged in what I'm now tempted to recognise as fantasy, and I really would be like to be able to write like I think (that's why I was thinking about Stream of Consciousness). And it isn't deliberately fiction, but its pretty hard to present it as fact.

So I do have this problem of genre, finding a genre in which to write seems hard.

I guess I will have to evolve a genre for myself. Some kind of muddle between social, existential and analytic philosophy, utopian fantasy, science fiction..., maybe even a bit of satire. Maybe speculative philosophy is the right term. I guess it must have been used before, it would be interesting to know what for (metaphysics maybe).

I had a look in the bookshop for science fiction dealing with information technology, and came out with The Complete Robot by Asimov. Reading this I can place myself in some middle ground. I'm not really interested in anything that I don't think possibly true. I don't know whether Asimov thought what he was writing plausible, but here and now I don't. Probably they were more plausible at the time they were written, 50 years ago some of them. Not that I don't think they are good little stories, but they are fantastic in the sense that they belong to a world other than ours, one which is not and will never be.

Thus we arrive at:

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