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Links to previous versions of the RBJones.com home page, together with some notes on the history of my web presence.

The links here are to pages in the present web site which were at some stage in the past the home page that you get if you come into the site using only the domain name. When modest changes take place the home page is updated in situ, but if something more radical happens a new page is started.

They don't necessarily look like the did at the time, some material may be automatically incorporated from other pages which have changed, the things referred to may change, and in some cases the topic the page addresses may still be developing and the old home page is updated as my thinking about that topic develops..

At this point I decided to start with a "blank sheet" on the book/books. So I archived the home page and started again with a blank home page.
Here I focused on the structure of my ideas for achieving a better integrated synthesis between the rational and romantic sides of my philosophy.
The Dark Ages (2001-2005)
I don't have a version of the home page dating between 2001 and 2005. After my burst of ideas at the beginning of 2000 I quickly went into creative meltdown, and though I continued to do some fragmentary work which appeared buried in the web site, I did was not working on the web site as such.
Two new domain names are introduced, x-logic.org and openbrand.org (which have since been abandoned).
The last view of RBJones.com as Factasia.
This is the earliest home page in which RBJones.com has been styled as "Factasia". The rationale for the transition to this conception of the web site is discussed in premonitions of Factasia
The website was begun as soon as I first had access to a web server, which was in 1994, though at that time the service was internal to ICL (International Computers Limited as was, now absorbed into Fujitsu). The site became visible globally probably in 1995. I don't have a copy of the home pages of these early sites, but an idea of the content of the sites can be obtained by searching the present website for "created 1994" using Google. The first things I did were HTML conversions of some philosophical classics, various pages of links and the beginnings of the bibliography and glossary.
Positive Philosophy (April 2005)
A philosophical synthesis from elements of the rational/empiricist and the romantic/existential aspects of western philosophy, overlaid on a substratum (naive philosophy) which is sceptical and expressionistic. In its less romantic elements the position is sceptical and in some respects positivistic, but the philosophy is also I hope, positive in a more ordinary sense.
resolving the conflicts
Metaphysical Positivism is systematic constructive positivist philosophy. We present here sketches of Metaphysical Positivism together with some related historical material which might possibly help the reader come to an understanding of this system and its place in the history of ideas.
The problem of engineering machines which reason is philosophically provocative. The justification of an architecture for such a machine is a kind of constructive philosophy.
A conception of philosophy in terms of its purpose, methods, form and content, which is closer in some ways to literary art than it is to most other philosophy.
Existential positivism is positive practical philosophy. It builds from a base of pragmatic scepticism, and is closely related to, though not strictly dependent on existential expressionism. It bears on philosophical matters which depend in some way on subjective values, or upon some other kind of essential reference to our personal feelings and intutions.
A triad of book projects related to Positive Philosophy.

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