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Factasia is dedicated to constructive, imaginative and positive thinking about the future.
It is based on the premise that discussing now what our options are for the future is one good way of exerting a benign influence on the course of history.
Factasia is a journey not a destination; a pilgrimage to a chosen land whose image is built by the citizens of the cyber-enabled participatory democracy which forms its political bedrock.

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The Factasia BRIDGE
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realising ultimate values using core technologies through a post-capitalist electronic marketplace
The Factasia Value System
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Intelligent Logic
The meaning and purpose of life in Factasia are found through the Factasia value system, a framework for individualistic, responsible and caring personal philosophy.

Cyber-Faith, the first object-oriented virtual religion, provides an optional spiritual dimension to the Factasia Value System.

The Factasia value network enables diverse ends to be realised through a fine-grained many-valued self-regulating electronic marketplace. The functions performed by today's social and political institutions are realised in Factasia through these sophisticated market mechanisms. the global superbrain Pure intelligence at the core of:
A pragmatic evolving implementation of the FAn oracle.

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