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A log of changes to (latest first). The basis for chosing what to mention here is uncertain, but is tentatively that some piece of work has been completed, or more likely, temporarily suspended.
Started this "new project" on an old theme. The project is to nail this topic with a short monograph for publication as a paperback, supported by quite a lot of additional material on the web site.
Scepticism is a philosophical attitude in the context of which all my philosophy takes place. In my search both for how to make the material on scepticism a better account of the reality of scepticism for me, thinking at the same time about my attempts to get a "romantic" side off the ground, I realised that an important element of romanticism belongs "down here" with the scepticisms rather than "up there" with metaphysical positivism, and after a few awful headings I decided that "Naive Philosphy" would do the trick. However, I didn't get very far in writing and rewriting this stuff to make it match my present conception of how it should be.
I decided to split a bit off my conception of "Existential Positivism" to fit together with theoretical and practical scepticism into "Naive Philosophy".
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