What's New in Factasia - history of uploads

Here are my records of what has happened at each of the site updates over the history of the site from early 1997 to June 2006. Some of the older entries are hyperlinked to a separate file which says more about where I thought I was going. There are no logs from 1994, when the site started, to 1996, and there are some large gaps since then, which don't always mean that nothing was happening to the website. In June 2006 a new kind of log was started, New at RBJones.com and this log is now pemanently discontinued.


New home page in progress. I was struggling to get romanticism into the picture, but this has been eclipsed by a major obsession with writing methods and site dynamics. Three new pages arising from this are:
Home Page History an excavation of old versions of the home page
The Stack of Change a page to help keep track of work in progress
The Dynamics of RBJones.com and an attempt at a fuller picture of how he site changes.
This page will probably be changed into a slightly different format of log page which works in conjunction with the "Stack of Change".
Rob Arthans page of famous theorems in proofPower has been updated. Also added the theory analysis to the ProofPower theory listings.
Added or added to notes on books by Tait (Provenance of Pure Reason) and Berlin (several collections on the history of ideas).
Progressing ruminations about "Stream of Consciousness".
Various Fragments
Including Reason and Romanticism, the Axiomatic Method, "exact" real computation, semantics and CH, Truth in a Structure.
2006-5-3 Since I took out an excessive number of books from the library, I have mainly been reading this month and the "new material" is just fragmentary notes on some of the books. Mainly I've been reading Isaiah Berlin, but also William Tait.
Rob Arthans page of famous theorems in proofPower has been updated. Also added the theory analysis to the ProofPower theory listings.

Added or added to notes on books by Tait and Berlin


Somewhere in this quagmire I have added:
Another recursion theorem (which I then used to define "rank" in my theory of ordinals).
Strong Infinity Axioms
Axioms for Surreal Numbers

Added new page: A Short History of Midi.

History of Philosophy
Added new page: Quotations from the writings of Thomas Hobbes.

Further work on well founded relations, Axioms for Galactic Set Theory and the theory of ordinals. Also proved a "strong infinity principle (for use as an axiom in HOL)" (sorry, this is all likely to be unintelligible).

The Method of Mathematics, a short piece by Leibniz on his Lingua Characterstica and Calculus Ratiocinator.

2002-12-31 Returning to work on the site after a long period of neglect, a number of features were no longer functional and have been fixed or removed. Site search using HotBot couldn't be fixed and so has been removed, if I find an alternative I may re-instate it.

This is a "new" directory, imported from my x-logic site so that I can do things formally at rbjones.com. It is a development of aspects of set theory in higher order logic using ProofPower and some beginnings of applications of this theory.
Started work on fixing my unsatisfactory account of the iterative conception of set.
Added some notes on Howard Bloom's books.
Added entries for various elementary concepts of set theory.
Updated my account of what I am working on and when I expect it to be ready.


A complete rewrite of the previously skeletal music section.

2000/2/1 A last minute burst of imaginative excess has resulted in a completely new home page for RBJones.com revealing hair-brained schemes to replace the existing Factasia site with four new sites. You can still get to the original Factasia home page from the new one.

I have been experiencing a big shift in my attitude towards collaborative working. I have written a few words about this in an update to Collaborative Writing for WWW, and have also done a hasty update to Tools and Techniques used to develop the Factasia web site.

New mailing list details:
the Factasia eGroup
More rework of:
Netlinks with extra links relating to Open Source, Linux and XML.
ProofPower listings of theories zfc, combin, sum, char, pf.

1999 uploads
1999/12/01 This month I took time out to build some new technology, based on XML, mainly supporting the production of "literate scripts" containing formal material for processsing by proof tools and inclusion in web pages. This means: not much writing. And I didn't get to the momnet of truth, so you don't even get to see any results.
Reorganised and extended:
Started the following new pages:
Varieties of Logic
The Theory ZF

more work on:
The Global Superbrain
A topography for AI
Logicist Epistemolgy
The Fundamental Triple Dichotomy
Category theoretic perspectives on the foundations of mathematics
Applications of Logic
Boolean Operators
Pure Functions
additions to:
1999/10/01 Still doing philosophy. Now working direct in HTML/perl again (rather than using LaTeX source). (I'm expecting to swing back and forth for a while)
the fundamental triple dichotomy
started another essay containing some formal material in Z which I was delighted to discover translates very nicely from LaTeX into HTML (using LaTeX2HTML). The essay is a bit of a mess, as yet.
extra entries and a new front page which permits browsing and selection of main entries.
new search links
for locating pages referring to particular factasia directories using Alta Vista.
See the new buttons on my directory list and the directory content pages.
This is very useful to me (for example, to discover why my combinatory logic page went to no.1 in my top100 last month, and generally for finding interesting sources on the topics I write about).
Combinatory Logic
Quite a bit of reworking of material in this directory (because it seems to be getting a lot of attention).
Boolean Operators
A new page.
1999/9/01 During July and August I was mainly doing philosophy, working on:
  1. an essay entitled Philosophical Revolutions
  2. a few words starting Engineering the Future
  3. a page on fallacies.
  4. some Notes on: Wittgenstein's Place in 20th Century Analytic Philosophy (by P.M.S.Hacker).
Philosophical Revolutions is an experiment in book-like writing using LaTeX and latex2html. This is to see whether a more traditional linear style of writing might just be easier for this kind of project. The aim for this particular project was for something on the boundry between a long essay and a short book, about 25,000 words. I have now concluded that the "book" won't have much chance of hanging together in less than 50,000 words.

Rob Arthan put up the documents I wrote for the ClawZ project on the Lemma1 site, so I included some references (inappropriately) in my ancient writings page.

I made a new directory to contain my book-shaped projects, called Books!, tucked away in an inconspicuous corner.

1999/05/01 I am currently working on exact real computation.

The only visible effect so far is:

  1. a number of new entries in the omniography and a page of Real People
  2. some updates to the existing pages on real computation.

I also made some inadequate adjustments to my notes on "The Selfish Gene", provoked by Kate.

1999/04/01 No writing for two months now, due to a contract I have been working on for Lemma1 Ltd. The only changes this upload are maintenance of broken links and such like. I will be resuming writing soon-ish, but before I do I am transferring more of the site development activities onto Linux, and getting this properly organised will take a little while.
1999/02/01 Started new pages on:
Rudolf Carnap on Logical Syntax (very incomplete)

Started notes on:

Meaning and Necessity by Rudolf Carnap (contents listing only)


Epistemological Connections
Mechanisation of Mathematics - netlinks
The Monadology (by restoring spaces which dissappeared eons ago)
1999/01/01 Started new pages on:
Rudolf Carnap
The Life of Rudolf Carnap
The Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap
Philosophy People
The Factasia CD-ROM

Started notes on:

Logical Syntax of Language by Rudolf Carnap (contents listing only)
Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap by Rudolf Carnap (contents listing only)


Omniography main page
Philosophy of Logic

1998 uploads
1998/12/01 Started new pages on:
Readings in Philosophical Analysis
The Proposition in Wittgenstein's Tractatus
Acdemic Standards - Factasia demurs
Logic People
Semi-Formal Description of Frege's Begriffsschrift

Started notes on:

A Plea for Excuses, by J.L.Austin
Begriffsschrift, by Gottlöb Frege
The Foundations of Arithmetic, by Gottlöb Frege
A Defence of Common Sense, by G.E.Moore
The Theory of Types, by Bertrand Russell

Further work on my notes on:

Which Undecidable Mathematical Sentences Have Determinate Truth Values? by Hartry Field
Words and Things by Ernest Gellner
The Philosophy of Logical Atomism by Bertrand Russell
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Lots of further work on:

the "Omniography"


Logic Netlinks
1998/11/01 Re-engineered the Engineering page and started new pages on Engineering Design, Rationality, Marketing, RBJ's Work on the Foundations of Mathematics, Utopian Engineering, Philosophy and Language - a historical sketch and The Role of Metaphysics in Factasia.
The bibliography is evolving into an Omniography.
Greatly expanded conclusions in notes on "The Selfish Gene" (Dawkins). New notes on "Principia Ethica" (Moore), notes on "Moral Vision" (McNaughton), notes on "Which Undecidable Mathematical Sentences Have Determinate Truth Values?" (Field), notes on "Arithmetisation of metamathematics in a general setting" (Feferman) , notes on: "Wittgenstein's Place in 20th Century Analytic Philosophy" (Hacker), notes on Ludwig Wittgenstein , notes on "The Theory of Abstract Objects" (Zalta). and notes on "Words and Things" (Gellner).
1998/10/01 I completed my rework of Coming Up in Factasia Philosophy and tinkered with the main pages for religion, values, politics, economics, business, and engineering. New pages started on science, Aspects of The Global Superbrain, The Global Superbrain - horizontal aspect and notes on The Open Society and its Enemies (Vol.1).
1998/09/01 First I completed my first attempt at Logical Foundations for Mathematics, and then I went off to rework my material on Artificial Intelligence. This is still substantially incomplete. Last thing, I completely re-thought and re-wrote the Coming Up page
1998/08/01 Completely rewritten and greatly extended The Factasian Utopia (formerly "Factasia"), What is Logic? (philosopher's version), Definitions of Logic, Logical Truth, Necessity and Contingency, Defining Necessity and Contingency, Possible Worlds and Philosophical Logicism. More work on The Factasia Home Page Extensive re-working and new material on The Philosophy of Mathematics
1998/07/01 Completely rewritten and greatly extended RBJ personal page, Factasia Front Door and Philosophy. Upgraded What is Logic?, Formal Languages and Notations and Logicism pages. A new page on what I have done Working with HOL.
1998/06/01 Sorry, still nothing much new.
1998/05/01 Nothing new to speak of, I spent my time buildling a new PC and coming to terms with Linux.
1998/04/01 Revised RBJ personal page.
1998/03/01 Roger Bishop Jones Limited, Notes on: Company Law -Statutes.
1998/02/01 HOST - Higher Order Set Theory (frame version) and Notes on: A Companion to Ethics.
1998/01/01 HOST Implementation Features. A Framework for Formal Analysis, Philosophy and Formal Analysis.

1997/12/01 New page on the definition of V. Revamp of main logic page, books on logic, method of formal logical analysis, the iterative conception of set using frames.
1997/11/01 Experiments in formal descriptions of logics using standard ML: propositional logic and predicate logic
1997/10/01 The Future of The Future, materials derived from the powerpoint presentation.
1997/09/01 First thoughts on Memetic Future Engineering and Formal Logical Analysis.
1997/08/01 The Future of The Future: start of an attempt at the futurology of futurology.
1997/07/01 Modelling the Triple-Dichotomy: my first attempt at applying formal modelling to philosophical problems.
1997/06/01 What is Logic? and The Fundamental Triple-dichotomy.
1997/05/11 Added panel on logic books for philosophers to the bookstore logic department.
1997/04/27 Started a History of Philosophy page. The top 100 Factasia pages. Four more of my undergrad philosophy essays rescued from the crypt. Revamped Kant's Critique.
1997/04/20 Created the Factasia page-style gallery and Books on Logic.
1997/04/13 Russell v. Wittgenstein and The Tractatus. The Factasia Bookstore goes live with amazon and iBS.
1997/04/06 New content lists: hierarchic, top-three-levels, directories (generated by PERL).
Dimensions of Anarchy.
1997/03/30 Values, strategy, and how not to....
1997/03/23 The Content Lattice, Strategy and The Business Model.
1997/03/16 The Factasia Theme Park gets off the ground. Struggling to get started on the business model.
1997/03/09 Back to the content with Web Writer's Well; first thoughts on the Factasia Business Model.
1997/03/02 Much concern about coherence, structure and tranparency.

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