Factastic Themes

Breadth & Synthesis

What is Factasia?. A collection of stabs at aspects of what Factasia might become, which is gradually evolving as I link the stabs into the emerging reality, or delete the ideas that I later decide against. The Factasia bridge. An architectural view of Factasia, in which Factasia is presented as a story about how ultimate ends (derived from the factasia value system) are realised using core technologies (intelligent logic) in the context of a socio-economic medium (value net) which catalyses the relationship between means and ends.
Fantasy in Factasia This is my attempt to draw the most out of the connection between factasy and fantasy, and at the same time to mitigate the seriously serious character of Factasia. Value Net. Capitalist free-markets mediate between capability and need through using money to factorise transactions. Value Net is the future of the marketplace where price counts for less than shared values and common purpose. The capitalist free-market is a place make money. Value net is a place to realise purpose and achieve fulfillment.
Magic in Factasia Magic achieves wonderful things in miraculous and mysterious ways. Handy stuff. This theme is the guide to how Factasia makes the most of it. Reflexion in Factasia A special kind of magic which pervades Factasia is reflexion, which comes in lots of flavours.
Themes to come: Consensus. The Factasia Business Model. Heart and Head. Intuition and Logic. Applying formal models to the real world.

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