The Factasia BRIDGE
an architectural view of factasia
The Factasia Bridge (a rhetorical device) has three components:
  1. The Value Network spans the whole of Factasia with a fine mesh supporting the realisation of purpose through the application of resources.

    The two ends of the bridge are focal points, extremes on the means/ends spectrum spanned by The Value Network.

  2. The ultimate ends, which stand for themselves not for any higher purpose, are addressed by The Factasia Value System a kind of Ethical Anarchism.
  3. The purest and most potent means, technology contributing to realising our ends, is Intelligent Logic, the power engine at the core Factasia's Global SuperBrain.
The Factasia Value System
Value Net
Intelligent Logic
Ethical Anarchism
Consumption is recognised as contributing little to personal fulfilment, which is better realised through a harmonious, wholehearted application to worthwhile purposes. The dominant ethic in Factasia involves each individual making his own fullest contribution, to society as a whole, according to his own lights.

The ethic is individualistic, but no respect is earned by individuals who employ their talents exclusively for narrow personal advantage.

Personal well-being is not sacrificed to the greater good, but is seen to flow from a balanced concern with personal, local and global well-being.

Ethics and other values have in Factasia come to dominate the image of all corporations which must be seen to have larger purpose than enrichment of shareholders.

The Value Network
Present markets are oriented toward supplying goods to spec at best price. They promote efficient production but provide poor support for realising diverse post-industrial value systems.

In Factasia market mechanisms have evolved to support the realisation of purposes more diverse than capital accumulation. All aspects of society are influenced through consumer purchasing power, which is directed using network intelligence to whatever end consumers chose to pursue.

Individuals in Factasia directly contribute to funding socially beneficial activities, thereby obtaining better control over their social spending and sidestepping inefficient and unresponsive government mediation. Goverment responsibilities have progressively declined and taxes have been replaced by large scale targetted voluntary contributions reflecting the priorities of the donors.

Intelligent Logic
Values and purposes must come from people. Technical support, especially in information processing, can often most effectively be supplied by those computer networks which host The Global SuperBrain.

In factasia the scope and limits of reliable information processing have been located. At the core of the commodity information processing piped into our homes through the information superhighway lies Intelligent Logic, the purest intelligence, infallible though not omnipotent.

Intelligent Logic provides an effective approximation to the ominscient FAn oracle (which answers accurately all questions which can be settled by logic). Its application through mathematical modelling techniques supports and transforms all science and technology putting more of this power directly in the hands of ordinary people.

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