The Factasy Column

The Future of The Future
A study of how the shape of our future might be determined in the future (with a view to adopting futuristic methods of future engineering in the present).
Broadening the methodology of future engineering.
Logical Revolutions
past, present and future
Speculation about the future role of logic based on lightweight historical analysis.
First shot at factastic future engineering.

Hedonism and Fulfillment

A sermon.1996/8/18

Premonitions of Factasia

No sooner had I started with the factasy column than I decided to turn the whole of my web space into Factasia. This attempt to write about it really hasn't got anywhere yet. quarter baked

From Hierarchy to Web

This first experiment with the "column" format was a transcription of a talk I gave mid 95 on how WWW would effect business by accelerating the established trend away from large hierarchic organisations.

There never was a text for this talk, and I found it difficult to find the right words 12 months later, so this experiment is lack-lustre. Its not chatty enough for a column, and not fantastic enough for factasy.


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