Premonitions of factasia

This factasy idea is tightening its grip on my Web space so much that I decided to turn the whole thing into factasia.

This feels like big change so I thought I'd chew over some of the ideas here.

Factasia is a meld of fantasy with reality. Its about making dreams come true, about freedom and fulfillment, light and dark. Factasia is a place in cyberspace dedicated to engineering a realisable utopia.

Well, that's what its intended to be!

Anyway, I set out to give a sketch of factasia in the style of the first experimental column and didn't get very far. Its hard, because I don't really know what I'm talking about.

So I thought it might be better to start with a little story about how I got here, since I know a little more about where I've come from than where I'm going.

These are all things I wrote about writing before I started Factasia (though they could get updated any time, so they might be more recent when you reach them).

Ruminations En-Route to Factasia
Style and Structure
stream of consciousness
Utopian Fantasy
Collaborative writing for WWW
the importance of being Earnest
Factastic Future Engineering
Journal entry, the day I decided to make Factasia.

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