Factasy Seminal - 1997/04/20

Russell and Wittgenstein
This entertaining (to me) project was cut off in its prime by the decision to open the bookstore. I will get back to it.

Ancient Writings
My most ancient (though not exactly venerable) and hastily converted paper, Expert Systems in Decision Support, despite being almost hidden away from shame, has become one of the most popular pages on the site (which isn't saying a lot). So I felt compelled to smarten it up a bit.
As a result of opening the bookstore I am more aware of the defects of the site from that perspective, and so a slight shift of emphasis is in order and yet another navigational lattice. I need subject classified books pages and so that will be the third lattice. The first page is Books on Logic.

Web Writer's Well
Created the Factasia page-style gallery.

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