The Factasia Gif Gallery and Browser Bar

This document is a convenience for me in that it contains details of the size of the gifs which I use (only visible if you look at the HTML source), which is sometimes needed to improve the downloading characteristics of pages with many images on them. I thought it might be interesting to link the gifs to relevant pages, so it becomes a strangely ordered (alphabetic order of gif filename) incomplete browser bar for the Factasia web space. It's incomplete because there are over 200 gifs and it only contains the ones which I have decided I need the size for. It will gradually get larger, though whether that will make it any more interesting or useful to anyone but me is a moot point.

The images are mostly created by me (RBJ), sometimes partly plagiarised. This is a case of necessity being the mother of some kind of bastard artistic creativity. I never had any talent in this area but I do feel that a smattering of images is pretty essential even in a philosophical web space.

If you want to see the full set just look straight at the directory.

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