Factasy Seminal - 97/3/9

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This week I have been trying to make a transition back into writing after spending too long re-engineering the net links part of the site.

So I wrote a top-level content-page, went on to the writing page, and started the Web Writer's Well.

The Factasia Business Model
I also put my brain in gear for a serious new tranche of thematic content material, ready to start work on this year's mega-theme, the Factasia Business Model. I know that sounds dreadfully boring, but my idea of what's involved in building a business model is not exactly that of the average businessman.

The business model will have to comprehend the whole of Factasia and is therefore a cross-subject theme, rather than just about business. So it belongs in the factasia theme park, which doesn't exist yet. So the first preliminary to getting a business model is to create the Factasia Theme Park, which I have just made a start at (here).

Researching the business model is a WWW based R&D activity, and I want to put together a method for doing this and developing a WWW deployable resource concurrently.

Hassle with HTML
I downloaded Preview 2 of Netscape Navigator 4.0 and discovered to my dismay that it crashes on many of my pages. In my efforts (in vain) to discover what provokes this I got the spyglass HTML validator (which is pretty good).

So now I know how bad my HTML is and I'm going to have to spend a lot of time cleaning it up. However, cleaning up won't be enough to make my pages OK for navigator 4.0P2. Pro-tem I've put a warning on the front page (which is not a lot of use since most people come in by one of the back doors.)

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