Factasy Seminal - 1997/03/23

The Content Lattice
I spent a morning bringing more of the Factasia Content Lattice into line with the new look/feel/structure. Its the embarrassment factor driving me here, the new structure makes the euchhy bits more conspicuous so I have to clean up the act. e.g. tidied up religion which was badly in need, and reworked maths, which was OK but is now better. values is next for the treatment.

I wrote a strategy on Monday which already I want to completely rewrite. I was really getting into planning large scale campaigns, but its pretty plain to me that I have to proceed by guerilla warfare. Also I seem to be putting off the moment of truth (e.g. on the business model) by discovering lots of other things I have to do before I can start the business model. I'm contemplating a new regime under which it is never right to do something else first. Whatever the most important thing to do is, you start it with a cameo, right on topic.
The Business Model
A one page overview of the Factasia business model is now in place. I'll let that stew for a while and try to do a one pager for the Factasia Value System and the Factasia Business Park.

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