Fantasy in Factasia

This page describes some of the ingredients of fantasy
and where they can be found in Factasia.

A World Apart
The fantastic world we visit in Factasia is the future, the fact that it is our world makes it possible to engage you, for real, not just in imagination.

Good and Evil
The Factasia window on the future owes its existence to our need for purpose ultimately rooted in fundamental values. In black and white, good and evil is what its all about.

According to The Sage any technology which is sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic. Each of the three major architectural components of Factasia is built around its own special kind of magic. The Factasia Value System is founded in the magic of empathy, the Value Net exploits the power of consensus, and Intelligent Logic is the techo-magic of pure logic.

Well, its the quest for a better world. Where everyone lives happily ever after. Except that happy isn't quite what we are looking for, its a bit anodnye and not very exiting. See Hedonism and Fullfilment for some related thoughts.

Reluctant Hero(ine)
I'm sure you are all reluctant aren't you? Well, I'm trying to pull you in and make hero(ine)s of you all in Factasia's Quest.

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